UDEF comes from a 16-year long journey. Exactly 16 years ago, we began workings with guest students in Turkey. UDEF as an umbrella organization has, 68 international student associations in 21 provinces in 75 cities in our country with a cooperation activities with 60 thousand guest student.Our contact with thousands of people through our dozens partner institutions overseas has made us a great organization.

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UDEF as a federation, is the biggest and a well known civil society movement working for international student association in our country with participating volunteers,68 associations in 75 provinces of Turkey. Activities under the umbrella of UDEF covers dozens of activities under headings such as; education and social studies. The contents, periods and responsibilities of these activities are determined through inter-agency consultations and the highest level of benefit-oriented plans are prepared. Within the scope of social activities; social and sporting activities, history and cultural trips are organized in the country for these students . In order for our guest students to learn the social andcultural structure of our country and for them not to feel alone in our homeland, international student gatherings, international student picnics, summer and winter camps and festive programs are organized.

The number of students reached by UDEF associations exceeds 60 thousand. UDEF in order to give the guest students living in Turkey the same atmosphere like their living in thier homeland; has developed a warm and large family atmosphere through activities such as guidance and consultancy services, introduction meetings, country gatherings, academic meetings, volunteering country representatives meetings, student house and dormitory visits and host family visits are organised for the confort of the guest students. Associations within UDEF; in addition to the social, cultural and educational activities, the needs of these international students in terms of residence permits, scholarships, accommodation needs, guidance and consultancy services as well as their bureaucratic problems are attended to. In addition to the coordination and support of UDEF and affiliated associations, International Student gatherings, International Student Symposium, Education and Brotherhood Camps, International Students Culture and Art Competitions, story and poetry competition programmes are for the guest student to strenghten the image of non-governmental organisations.

As UDEF, we know very well the we get to know and love each other better through acquaintance and understanding. In this context, we ensure that our guest students meet and understand each other within the framework of cultural exchange and country introduction program. In order to enable our guest students to better understand each other, to increase the richness of spiritual power and to benefit from this infinite spirituality, we arrange some training programs and camps by bringing the concept of fraternity within the framework of basic religious knowledge, international student academy studies, Islamic world related speeches, monthly seminars, thesis presentations, thought and analysis sittings, book analysis and Turkish lessons. With our many activities such as training camps and academic trips, we continue these activities as UDEF knowing no tiredness or stop. We are the people of a common geography where peace, friendship and tolerance prevail. We're one nation.


UDEF is a federation with objectives to facilitate coordination amongst existing International Students’ Associations, to encourage establishment of new bodies of such kind, to long to nurture healthier perception of international students towards the local public opinion, to interact with governmental bodies to help the students with their problems related to education, health insurances and services, residence permit, accommodation, etc.


To be an organisation whose members shape a better future of mankind.