Participate and be Part of the Brotherhood Caravan

Participate and be Part of the Brotherhood Caravan
Dear philanthropists,


Join the fraternity caravan and let us share the needs of international students who come to our country for the sake of the education together. 


Our federation brings your support to thousands of international students.


These aids sometimes delight a Chadian Student, sometimes troubleshooting the problems of a Turkistan Student.


It becomes a lake drop by drop. So, we need constant support.


What can you do?


You can contribute with your donations and zakat to support the international students.
You can donate your monthly support throughout the year by giving automatic instructions to your card.


Thanks to these donations, we will contribute together to the international students to continue their educational life and collecting knowledge.


We await your support 


To donate, you can click on the link: https://udef.org.tr/en/bagis-yap/ 


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