International Student Gatherings

The International Student Gatherings; is a programme aimed at helping the  international students who come to our country for education to be recognised and known by the public, for them to gain organisation ability, for these students who are guests in our country get to know our country better, to introduce their countries and to meet with our people.

İnternational Students Symposium

The International Student Symposium is a study conducted in order to draw attention to the phenomenon of international students and to create a literature in this field which do not have enough academic interest in our country. 

Turkey My Country Competition

Guest students have many requirements in the field of education, culture, social life, sports, health etc. One of the most important of these is the adaptation of students to the cultural and social environment. 
In this regard UDEF, under the theme "Turkey My Turkey", has organised a competition for the international students under three categories; three short films, stories and poetry as an occasion of bringing our students together to express themselves through art.

Training Camp for Distinguished Students

Through meeting and working with students from different countries and universities,  by supporting them in their daily activities and needs, and with our common believe, we aimed with this distinct educational programme, to offer them opportunities to carry the values and working methods to the ummah in different geographies.

Academic Works

It is important that the federation, which has taken all kinds of issues related to International Students. These issues should not be dealt with only in the practical dimension but also in the theoretical ground and to be investigated in scientific framework. The unit that defines the activity defined in this context carries out studies in the determined direction.

UDEF's Academy is aimed at identifying problems of international students in Turkey, to investigate and compile reports  for the state institutions and necessary non-governmental organizations to be added to the different new developmental perspectives of policies at national scale.

Consultation Meetings

UDEF holds three times a year Consultative Meetings with all the associations president, vice president and cities without associations are attended by the representatives from the city. These meetings aims to improve the standards of international students study in Turkey.

Regional System and Regional Meetings

The federation carries out its organization through the regional coordinators to monitor the activities of the associations affiliated with our federation, to establish new associations and to support them more with volunteers. The regional system not only provides better contact with existing associations and volunteers, but also post volunteers to cities that there are no volunteers.

Executive Committee Meetings

The UDEF Executive Board consists of 18 members. Meetings are held every 15 days on Thursdays at the federation centre.